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A 'Genius' Graduation Speech Worth Listening To At Any Phase Of Life
'On The Media' host Bob Garfield talks to MacArthur Fellows, or 'Geniuses,' in his Audible series 'The Genius Dialogues.' From their success stories comes this advice for graduates (or anyone). Read now
Arts & Culture
The Informed Imagination Of Don Winslow
How the bestselling crime novelist continues to take on all sides of the narco-trafficking universe, from cartels to cops, with astonishing vividness and plausibility. Read now
Arts & Culture
M.R. Carey Has All The Gifts, Really
Between his screenplays, adaptations of Marvel comics, and best-selling sci-fi novels, the British author has amassed a heap of fans. He chats with one of them, Audible Editor Sam Pagan. Read now
Life On Mars
Writers of "Mars lit" have always used the red planet to mirror us -- both what can be great about us, and, well, maybe not so great. Read now
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Esther Perel Unpacks Desire, Infidelity, And Partnerships In A New Podcast
Listeners sit in on real sessions with the renowned couples therapist in Audible's new series 'Where Should We Begin?' Read now
Science & Technology
Can You Still Hate The Sound Of Your Voice When It's Your Profession?
We know people cringe when hearing themselves on recordings, so how do narrators, podcast hosts, and other voice-centric professionals deal with it? Read now