About Audible Range

About Audible Range

For the first time ever, technology has enabled us to carry in our pockets all the world's stories, and it is profoundly changing the way we tell and listen to them.

The mission of Audible Range is to explore this frontier using original reporting, personal stories and recommendations, interviews, interactive features, and more.


Editorial Director
Dan Reiss
Managing Editor
Erin McReynolds
Editorial Intern
N'Kaela Webster
Art Director
Deanna Paquette
Associate Editor
Akiva Gottlieb
Nate Cook
Copy Editor
Tanya Trowell


Reid Armbruster
Lauren Benton
Brian Braiker
Brendan Byrne
Tricia Ford
Rose Palazzolo
Kelly Prime
Akiva Gottlieb
Christina Harcar
Ellen Horne
Jane C. Hu
Martha Little
Devon Maloney
Laura Michaels
Eric Nuzum
Katie O'Connor
John Myers
Sam Pagan
Pam Promer
Kate Silver
N'kaela Webster


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