On Voice
Message Saved
People are taking measures to record and preserve the voices that are most precious to them while they still can. Sometimes these voices are their own. Read now
The Listening Life
Let's Never Lose This Terrifying Tradition
Fear of the unknown, contagious emotions, and an evolutionary fondness for flame are just a few of the reasons why scary stories are told best by the light of a fire. Read now
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Dispatches From Zachary Quinto
The actor shares his experience performing sci-fi master John Scalzi's gripping new audio novella "The Dispatcher" for Audible. Read now
You Hear The Strangest Things: The Eerie Stories Of Robert Aickman
The midcentury English author's dark stories have been making a comeback -- and are ideal for fireside listening on dark nights. Read now
10 Presidential Picks From The Funniest History Class Ever
"Presidents Are People Too!" hosts Alexis Coe and Elliott Kalan weren't born experts on the fascinating, complicated, and strange lives of U.S. presidents -- they got there with the help of books like these. Read now
The Listening Life
A New Chapter For Hearing Rehabilitation
Audiobooks help cochlear implant patients navigate a new world of language. Read now
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The Sidemen Would Love To Define Some UK Terms For You
The internationally adored comedy group just wrapped up an audiobook, and we've scored some (not at all dodgy) bonus material. Read now