The Listening Life
What's Your 'X' Rating?
For many listeners, 1x speed isn't fast enough -- there's a world of movers and shakers getting through their books and podcasts in half the time. Here's why (and how) they do it. Read now
The Listening Life
Are Introverts The Best Listeners?
Some experts believe that we can all benefit from bringing introverts' listening skills to our professional and personal lives. Read now
The Listening Life
A New Chapter For Hearing Rehabilitation
Audiobooks help cochlear implant patients navigate a new world of language. Read now
What We're Listening To In September (Work It)
In our monthly series, we share recommendations from the Audible staffers least likely to remove their headphones for elevator small talk. Read now
The Listening Life
For Kids With Reading Challenges, Just Add Listening
Studies have shown that comprehension improves when we listen and read simultaneously. Read now
The Listening Life
ASMR: Is There Sense In This Sensibility?
A community is rallying around the soothing sound phenomenon--but it's not the scientific one Read now
On Voice
Tone It Down
Is that loud voice a sign of authority ... or hearing loss? Read now