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Enduring Dystopias
We have always been drawn to the worst-case scenario in fiction, as evidenced by the resurgence of "The Handmaid's Tale" and others. But why? Research sheds some light. Read now
Margaret Atwood Shares Some Of Her Favorite Speculative Fiction
The "Handmaid's Tale" author has just released, with Audible, an updated edition, complete with new introduction and extended ending. Here she explains the difference between speculative fiction and sci-fi, and recommends some of her favorites. Read now
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George Saunders: It's All About Suckage-Avoidance
Hear us geek out with the award-winning author of the stunning "Lincoln in the Bardo," whose audiobook boasts the largest, most star-studded cast to date.   Read now
9 Debut Novels To Listen To Right This Minute
What an entrance! These are the works by first-time novelists that have Audible's listeners and editors all aflutter. Read now
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Stephen Fry On Sherlock Holmes
The beloved actor, host, and comedian performs a new Sherlock Holmes collection with all his characteristic warmth and erudition. Hear him introduce it and ruminate on the enduring world created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Read now
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A Tribute For A Life, And A Book, Cut Short
Audible created the Christopher Doheny Award, which honors unpublished writers who brave the subject of serious illness. Read now
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"Romeo and Juliet: A Novel," From Pen to Performance
Author David Hewson and narrator Richard Armitage returned to Audible Studios for an in-depth discussion about their extraordinary new take on Shakespeare's classic love story, created exclusively for audio. They shared perspectives on adapting the Bard's work, why Juliet should take top billing, and why narration is a performance. Read now