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7 Jobs Where You Can Basically Listen To Audiobooks All Day
If listening is your raison d'être, then these are some pretty good #lifegoals. Read now
The Listening Life
Among The Blessings Of Blindness, Audiobooks
Isaac Lidsky began to go blind at age 13, losing his sight entirely by the time he was 25. But when he could no longer read the words on the pages of his beloved books, a different sense opened up those worlds for him. Read now
The Listening Life
What's Your 'X' Rating?
For many listeners, 1x speed isn't fast enough -- there's a world of movers and shakers getting through their books and podcasts in half the time. Here's why (and how) they do it. Read now
The Listening Life
An Audiobook Virgin On Finding Her Perfect Match
A die-hard reader embarks on a quest to see if audiobooks do it for her -- and discovers something she wasn't expecting. Read now
The Listening Life
What To Listen To When Traveling The World With Kids
The Adamos did what many of us dream of doing and took their kids on a year-plus trip around the world. Here's what they listened to along the way to deepen their experiences and education. Read now
The Listening Life
For Kids With Reading Challenges, Just Add Listening
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7 Audiobooks Ashley Ream Recommends For Running
"A well-chosen audiobook almost chases me through training, and when the story is good, I don't want to stop." Read now